XAMPP is a software that makes a local server on your computer.

The full meaning of XAMPP is
X -  for Cross Platforms
A -  for Apache server
M -  for MYSQL
P -  for PHP
P-  for Perl application

For downloading the XAMPP file, you need to open a browser and type https://www.apachefriends.org

(official website of XAMPP). in that website you can see a download menu. click on that. Then you can see many different version of XAMPP. select one from "XAMPP for windows"  box. Then it will start to download the file. after download install as a regular software. If you need more assistance then please see my video on youtube about how to install XAMPP in windows. Link below 

You must have to know where the root folder is

It's Like Below:

I mine root folder like this. In your computer c:/xampp/htdocs/yoursite_folder

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