Python is a programming language,

Its made by Guido Van Rossum, Guido built it in 1991, But Python is not a name of any snake, "Python comes in a comedy group called Monty python, its a Popular comedy group in England, paython is a highly programming language, its an emphasizes code. It has a lot of code written around 20 years,

XAMPP is a software that makes a local server on your computer.

The full meaning of XAMPP is
X -  for Cross Platforms
A -  for Apache server
M -  for MYSQL
P -  for PHP
P-  for Perl application

Ubuntu is a open source Operating system. Like as windows, Ubuntu don't have skipping tools. But Ubuntu have a great tools name as “shutter” . You can make screen shot in Ubuntu 14.04 using it. You can make a screen shot of separated area or make a screen shot of your web page. You can edit it and customize it.

Installing font is important work. You need to do it, since you need to write an article or any other work with particular font. Some Bank or Office asks for particular font.

Important Thing to add font in windows XP, you need to have the font in your Local Drive, Pen drive or CD.

There are two ways to add a font in windows XP:

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