Youtube Down!

I know when you read the title of this post you can't believe that it happened but it actually does. In youtube, Channels are not opening. Another service of youtube like play video and upload video is working well. when you search a channel and click that channel then it's not open and give you an error message that is  "500 Internal Server Error".

Its happened on 3rd Apr 2018 at 12.50 AM (+6.00 time zone). Still, when I typing this post youtube channel section is down. it's like more than one hours.  I know you think it's not a true story so I have a prove for you. I add proof video at the end. In many blogs, people are talking about it. some of they say youtube update its server for bigger traffic. some other says the can't see their history video. some other says their youtube is blank.

Hope youtube fix this error really soon and we can see youtube channel soon.

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